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Here's where I'll be posting up some of the old stuff I've saved over the years. Some if it isn't available on the net anymore, and some of it is still floating around but might not be in an easily accesible format. Detailed info is available under each link.

The YouChew Archive: A browsable redundant copy of a defunct internet community I was a part of from 2013 to 2015. Mostly speaks for itself.

Neko's House: An old sprite comic which ran from circa 2002 until circa 2011. Stood above most of its peers for its clever utilization of graphic assets, but was hampered by horrible writing. Posted here because the Wayback Machine doesn't have all of the images, and the original site format didn't allow for easy browsing.

Dragon Tails: A stylistically unique webcomic started by Australian artist Tim Dawson in 1999, Dragon Tails was primarily a gag-a-day, slice of life webcomic centering around a group of eight young dragons and their colorful cast of mechanical and organic friends. Unlike most other webcomics of its day, the art was comprised of 3D models designed by Tim Dawson, posed and arranged in environments that were also designed by Tim Dawson. The webcomic updated daily from late 1999 until early 2005, and abruptly halted in its tracks to make way for Tim's tie-in video game idea that ultimately went nowhere. The comic, in turn, shifted its artistic and writing focus around to characters and environments rendered in what was presumably Tim's game engine making video game jokes. After the "video game" plot came to an end, Tim experimented with a few hand-drawn strips and a return to form with strips similar to the earlier prerendered graphics, but after keeping the lights of his website on for nearly another full decade with no updates, the site finally collapsed in on itself. I don't remember how I came to possess the only complete archive of this comic that remains on the web - I remember it was a .zip file on a forum somewhere. To my knowledge, even the .zip is gone, so it's my civic duty to bring this strip back from the dead. This webcomic is not to be confused with Dragon Tales.

The Crap Index: A comprehensive compendium of stupid chotchkis I own, along with manufacturer information, trivia and aftermarket values (where applicable.) Under construction.