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Hi, and welcome to the Dead Library. This is where I keep all the old and horrible stuff I've made over the last decade or so. Some of it is kind of decent, I think, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Since I could go on and on about all the things that are old and horrible in this archive, I'll try to keep actual "director's commentary" to a minimum, in large part because there are some things here that are so terribly flawed, I'd rather just remake them altogether. (Some of the things here are remakes, actually. We'll get to those.) In addition to commentary on what went wrong, I'll use this space to talk about the nature and history of Sprite Comics, the Webcomic world, author/reader interaction, the Sprite ripping community, the Internet's variously evolving stances on all sorts of things, and my personal views on some stuff and how they might differ from when I wrote some of the comics in here.

...Probably. Maybe. No promises. Anyway, click "first" to enter the nightmare.

Comic transcript

This is some stuff that used to be in the above section (argle bargle this is a test of the emergency broadcast system please put your hands between your knees and assume the primary defcon lockdown procedure a social worker will contact you with an all clear signal within at least 180 business days)

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