Existential Crisis

This is the first proper appearance of Arceus, the chosen avatar of Alpha, the fictional "god" character I've rehashed time and time again. Alpha was at first intended to serve the conventional purpose of a "god," that being a nebulous force of wisdom that people worship and meet in the afterlife, perhaps to obtain some greater revelation about the nature of the universe. Presently, Alpha is more of a satire of the idea of a "deity." Alpha isn't all knowing or all powerful, and is more akin to an apathetic cosmic janitor.

I usually try to separate the character of Alpha from the identity of Alpha, I.E. me, the author, but this strip kind of blurred the lines between these two things. It's an interesting sort of glimpse into a conflict created by this idea that there could be an entity more powerful than the Author Character, a conflict that could only exist in the mind of an amateur writer.

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