Horrible Advice

The Sprite community has always observed certain courtesies that I play fast and loose with because the Sprite community is an archaic one, steeped in the Web 1.0 mindset which assumed anybody would be willing to take out the time to ask permission to use anything because Web 1.0 was a much smaller place. Of course you'd have the time to ask permission to use all the sprites on Web 1.0, there were less than half as many people using it.

This strip specifically deals with the breakage of a courtesy demanded to be observed by another sprite comic author, chiefly that whoever uses the sprite sheets of his OCs does so in a manner that depicts them in-character. Not a bad thing to ask if you're only distributing your sheets by private message to superfans who ask for the sheets, or even if you include a brief description of who the character is - but this author had a whole section on his site dedicated to these sheets, and - as stated in the strip - none of them had bios, effectively opening up his works for free use to every shithead with a copy of MS Paint.

Tsk, tsk. Better luck next time.

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