Taste my Fear

I had forgotten this series of strips existed. Perhaps my mind was doing my conscience a charity by wiping the memory of this from the record. But lo and behold, as the editing of the Dead Library comes to a close and I make my way through 2007, I'm greeted with this hell. The memory returns, and I'm left wondering what to do.

Most strips of this caliber have, so far, been rewritten wholesale. The Dead Library is about showcasing visual evolution first and the improved writing second. Unfortunately, the main reason these strips were simple to rewrite was largely because they're visually simple.

2007 marked the beginning of a shift away from the laziness exhibited so far. The laziness was still there, don't get me wrong. But strips slowly began to become more expressive, and became focused on extremely specific subjects. This then leaves me with the following options: I could either revise this series of strips wholesale and leave you with a rewrite that is far more hamfisted and obvious than the ones you've already been subjected to, or present the strips as they were originally written.

Maybe it's just because I enjoy self-inflicted pain, but I've chosen the latter option.

coda: "Exaggerated IZ Palooza," the comic referenced by the author character in this strip, was a personal series maintained by a DeviantARTist. They privatized the work roughly around the time this strip was written, largely out of a justified desire to move on to other things and quit being associated with terrible fanwank. 2007 Me didn't take kindly to this, however.

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