Secretmew was a Finnish guy who wrote a fairly straightforward but charming fan comic about Pokemon for a forum way back around 2006. He had made his own poses for his characters, and at the time this was sort of a big deal. The Spriter's Resource was still a tiny place, custom sprites were relatively hard to come by, and Pokemon sprites of all things were a thing to be cherished.

He had made one of his sheets available under the grounds that you ask for permission to use it, so I PM'd him asking if I could use all of his sheets, even the one for his OC. I didn't expect a reply, but he obliged, and even though he didn't make the sheet for his OC, he pointed me in the right direction.

A while ago, I re-contacted Spi, the guy who made the sheet for the OC. He's doing well, and is probably out of university by now. I don't know what happened to Secretmew. I had heard talk of him cropping up on DeviantArt, but that was quite a while ago. Secretmew was a huge influence on my work, and I can't express enough how grateful I am for that.

...My general point is, in a lot of these older strips I tended to forget Secretmew was originally a person, and treated him as a character interacting with other fictional characters. So strips like this happen, and they're not the most respectful things in the world. I've left his name intact since I haven't seen a trace of him since I met him, and if he's still the same man I doubt he'd really care all that much.

But if you're Secretmew and want your name scrubbed and any archival caches linking this site to you purged, e-mail me using the contact link. Please use the subject "FTLFW" and include some proof that you're Secretmew and not some rando trying to get me to delete my shit

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