The font used by the stick figure is DwarfSpirits BB, a free font I found on Dafont or some place like that.

While we're on the subject of fonts, I'd like to talk a bit about Comic Sans MS, a widely derided font that I used in my stuff from here until about 2013-ish. A lot of people, myself included, began using Comic Sans because "comic" is in the name, and they think it's the right font for the job. They're blind to the world's perception of it, usually until it's too late.

Comic Sans was made for a specific purpose. Unless it's rendered at 12 point aliased in a bitmap environment, it looks like utter trash. And when used in a serious environment, like the back of a VHS case or a wedding invitation, it tanks all notions of credibility.

I'm torn on what to think of Comic Sans. I don't personally use it anymore, because it's too recognizable and too many people use it as an easy target. But on the other hand, I've seen it used for its intended purpose and it's hardly noticeable.

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