Here there be dragons

In this strip, we get a closer look at the world I was trying to build. As I said in the previous strip's annotation, this had the potential to be interesting, but the sad reality is that it just isn't.

The failing here is that I was attempting to think like Tolkien without realizing why Tolkien did the things he did. I'd look at a Tolkien book, and see the map of Middle Earth and think "maps equal good."

You see, Tolkien would plan out whole mythologies before actually writing his novels. The collected body of his notes is referred to as the Legendarium, posthumously published and edited by his son. These notes, comprising whole side novels, detail everything from the cosmology, topology, geography and history of Middle Earth to the events that occurred behind the scenes in his novels.

What I'm trying to say is that when I made this strip, I made this map without any extra context or plans for its use. If I were to make a map like this today, it would be a highly detailed map with story notes and plenty of purpose.

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