Unwarranted Perspective

The first half of this is a warped retelling of the real Secretmew's fan comic. This strip doesn't serve any proper narrative purpose; the actual plot moves forward in the final three panels, where it's established Phant and Secretmew are still traveling towards their destination and have camped in a cold region of Alpha Nebulon C.

If this were properly written, order of events would be reversed. Phant and Secretmew's camp would be established in the beginning of the strip, and, as an example, Phant would try getting to know this strange person who insists on taking him outside the USF border. Secretmew would then reveal portions of his backstory, but he might be reluctant to reveal the whole thing, thus establishing that he's not easily trusting, possibly because something terrible happened to him in the past. We'd get a glimpse of this backstory, but the entirety of it wouldn't be dumped on us all at once.

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