Rube Oil

This strip was written as a direct reaction to my first excursion with the Windows operating system. I was raised a Mac guy, but I've found there really isn't any "be all end all" OS and each one has its individual pros and cons. Today, I use both a Windows and Mac machine and am looking at getting into Linux.

As I was saying, this strip is based on experience. My first Windows machine met a rather unfortunate end. It was given to me by some fellows who neglected to install an antivirus on it, and I, in my inexperience, didn't think twice of this. So I installed an AV after months of use, ran a scan and triggered a worm that was laying dormant in the system somewhere. It was thrown for a loop, and the whole thing was lost.

Two or three machines later, and I've done just about everything short of getting certified as a technician keeping up with all the myriad system errors, program incompatibilities, and crashes Windows has thrown at me, but I wouldn't trade it for the world, because for every day my Mac stays stable, I know my experience with Windows has saved me a trip to the Genius Bar when my Mac inevitably fails. (And it has, several times.)

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