Stranded in space

This is the first appearance of a certain character who goes through many changes of name and appearance over the course of my work. Right now her name is Miriam, but for simplicity's sake I'll refer to her in all annotations from here on out as "the Generic Furry," or "Gen" for short.

Gen came about as I realized my works lacked expressive characters, and a lack of expression is often the Achilles heel of many sprite comics. Sprites are already hindered by their pixelly art style, so getting them to emote is a matter of some difficulty, particularly since most sprites only give you a few pixels to work with.

Sonic characters are (or at least were) a popular choice for this exact purpose, because their artstyle is exaggerated and the sprites are highly expressive. I went with them at the time because I was getting into the fandom and discovering all the bizarre side media stuff, though I've distanced my works from this somewhat due to the negative connotations some people prescribe to the franchise. And, y'know, because I'd prefer the characters in my works to have their own identities beyond a copywritten video game franchise.

At this point, Gen has been the main character of my comic for more raw time than any other character in either the Dead Library or the main strip, though she's probably appeared in fewer strips than characters like Phant.

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