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I should probably talk a bit about the new body Gen gained between the space-based strips in June and these strips. It's a horrifying frankenstein's monster of Pokemon trainer body parts combined with the head, tails, shoes and occasionally hands from the custom "femtails" sprite sheet originally hosted on the Mystical Forest Zone, "tailsko_turbo.gif". The sheet was a collaborative effort between DBurraki ("Deebs,") Cylent Nite ("CN,") Daniel Sydney, T0ms0nic and Fox Omega. The sheet itself was uploaded, organized and seemingly partially sprited by MFZ user Turbo Thunderbolt.

The sheet itself was based on "A Heroes' Tale," a defunct webcomic by artist and fanfiction writer Chalcara, who is seemingly singlehandedly responsible for any porn you may have found on the internet of "femtails," or "Tailsko." I imagine this is at least partly what convinced this person to take down their own art.

As for my role in this, I simply grafted human-proportioned parts together until I had (roughly) duplicated every action on the original sprite sheet. Gen Eric has since evolved in expressiveness, detail and complexity to be exactly as her name implies: a generic furry. She may be heavily rooted in Femtails, but she is not Femtails - at least not anymore.

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