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When I began the process of properly developing my website in late 2016, I was conflicted about what to do with my old strips. I've reiterated this fact over and over again in these annotations, but it took me until around 2018 to work up the guts to finally put my foot down and assert to myself that yes, in fact, the old strips will be posted here and that they'll be posted in their own special containment zone.

But even when the containment zone - this Dead Library - was established, and I had begun the process of posting strips to this site, I was strongly opposed to posting this strip and its partner sequels. There have been a lot of strips in this archive with text problems, or at least text problems that were ironed out in post, but these strips in particular represented the culmination of a problem that had been developing since 2008 - a rampant, unchecked inflation of the text in the word bubbles. It's important to understand that few people would actually read these at the time, so issues in my stuff would get really bad before they would get better - and this was text-heaviness at its worst.

But it's not enough that they were text heavy - oh my, no. On top of assaulting you with a simply offensive amount of dialogue and exposition, these strips deal with subject matters entirely too large for the skills of 2011 me to tactfully tackle, leaving you with strips that are not only offensive in their logorrhea, but literally offensive to your sensibilities. They are, without a doubt, the single worst things I have ever produced. If a friend hadn't pointed out that the rewrites from 2013/16 aren't as entertaining without these to provide context, you wouldn't be seeing these at all. So blame Sof for this.

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