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This is "FTLFW." I'm not sure if it stands for anything. I just know that FTLFW is this site's title. This is probably also the only sprite comic of the modern decade. Don't quote me on that. That's a broad generalization, it's probably quite wrong. (Send me examples, I'd love to see them.)

The Internet's perception of originality and international copyright law has changed much since Sprite Comics first rose to prominence in the early to mid 2000s. Else aside, countless critics the world over have chastised the medium as the refuge of the lazy and a cheap form of viewer bait that has long since lost its appeal. But that apparently hasn't stopped me, and if you'll give me the chance, I have some stories to tell.

About a decade's worth of backlogged stories, in fact. I'm currently deciding how to sort them all, as many of them are rather awful, even by sprite comic standards. I want to provide a complete picture showing how my technique "evolved" over time, as I believe doing so is extremely important when attempting to publish in such a reviled medium.

Whenever I do finish sorting everything, you can find it in the Library of the Dead. Until then, here's this comic about a guy trying to talk to space and getting his server wrecked by a furry.

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