The Worst Chrimbos Ever

This has been the front page comic for quite some time, largely because I've been focusing on other aspects of the site and on polishing earlier strips before making new ones, but also because the world is literally burning and I've been distracting myself from all of that by writing a screenshot let's play on a certain somewhere.

But since this is still the front page, I'd like to address some confusion I've received from the few readers I've actually gotten (shocking, I know. Readers? Here? Unthinkable!)

The text that shows up in the animated panel when Alpha warps out, The Ending of the Words is "I see. Wait right here." I give this to you as Alpha is a double reference to the 2002 open world video game Morrowind, in which one of the cryptic holy scriptures written by the ascendant god-king Vivec ends with "the ending of the words is ALMSIVI, I give this to you as Vivec" and to the Book of the Law by early 20th century magician Aleister Crowley, who originally coined the phrase and inspired much of Morrowind's lore text style. Crowley's phrasing was "The ending of the words is the Word Abrahadabra," Abrahadabra being a symbolic word in his constructed faith, Thelema.

I was certain more people would be confused about who Alpha is speaking to in this strip, but no, everyone seemed to get caught up on "the ending of the words." It's just a reference, and I thought it was mildly fitting as he's a quasi-divine being.

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