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03/2/24 - HEY EVERY !! IT'S [[THE BIG ONE]]
You read that right! Updates on the site! FTLFW lives, and has in fact been alive this whole time. If you've been following the site while I've been silently updating it, some of these announcements might be old news to you. If you're one of the few people who personally know me, this is the "big site update" I've been rambling about for months. This was supposed to go live in June of last year! Good lord.


. All comics on the front page are now in chronological order. We apologize for any confusion presented by previous iterations of the front page.

. The Dead Library is near-feature complete (at least until I find another strip buried in a hard drive somewhere.) The annotations still need touching up, and we are slowly adding transcripts to each strip - but you may now browse the strips uninterrupted from beginning to end.

. There are now browsable mirrors of the defunct webcomics Dragon Tails and Neko's House. These were made manually with HTML, so expect wonkiness while I iron out the links.

. We fixed the site email! Check the about page for info on how to contact us, OR...

. We have a comment section! All comics on the front page and Dead Library should be Disqus-compatible. The Blogodome will be included as well in the near-future.

. We have an RSS feed! Never miss updates to the comic or the website again! What's RSS? Check the about page for a rundown!

. A whole bunch of boring technical stuff went on under the hood - For those of you who enjoy technical jargon, some highlights: we now have one single canonical URL, and a server misconfiguration that was causing site content to display on erroneous URLs has been solved. If you've found us through "craftyharp" or "svetlanaharrispiano," this was an error! These pages have also been delisted through the Google Search Index. All this and more! The site has been redesigned for mobile friendliness and ease of load - TL;DR the site is better... In theory!

. We've partnered with the Comicad Network! If you or someone you know is a publisher on Comicad, consider bidding for ad space here.

and last but not least...

. We have a ko-fi! Please consider supporting the site if you like it.

. Expect more! Subscribe to that RSS and we'll keep you posted!

- Alpha


We're finally back from the dead. A whole host of unspeakably hideous behind-the-scenes issues went on with our network infrastructure for the better part of a year, and while we unfortunately didn't accomplish our goal of switching to a less expensive ISP, we've at least restored the site to operational capacity.


. There's now an archive of a dead forum called YouChew. Maybe you're here because of it!

. The official FTLFW forum is on indefinite hiatus because I'm an awful trashbag of a human being who can't build communities for shit. Also because nobody was using it.

. Some static pages now have FAVICONS. Others don't. This is because FAVICON PROPAGATION is an arcane and mystical art that nobody really seems to understand.

. All pages are now designed with 4.13% more FRUITY GRAPE SENSATION.

- Alpha

02/03/19 - Mostly nominal?
Finally updated the forum software, so registration should be fixed now. Still working on getting this page to be the default index; something in the way the Grawlix CMS works seems to have borked the way htaccess handles front pages. Either that or it's the server. Maybe both?

- Alpha

08/17/18 - All systems nominal
We're live! Mostly. This page is now the default index page as opposed to a file buried in the server, and the general look and feel of things is coming together. There's still a lot of tweaking left to do, mostly behind the scenes stuff.

- Alpha

06/23/17 - This is a test of the style sheet
Arglebargle this is a test of the emergency broadcast system please remain seated as we retessalate our Jupiternium Matrices and configurize this site for maximum browsing enjoyment

- Alpha

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