It's not a phase!

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Welcome to this website's "secret comic." There are a lot of awkward and terrible Furry webcomics out there. Rather than waste

your time and my effort with another sub-brain "wow this comic sure is bad" review like any of the reviews on the furry category of the BadWebcomicsWiki, I've opted to dedicate this section of the site to strips from these comics that have been edited. It's a new hobby I'm getting into.


These edited strips are usually made on the fly while I'm between projects. I make no guarantee to their quality; they might have more or less text, and their jokes might be improved or worsened. Most of the new "jokes" also tend to focus heavily on furries doing it, so these strips aren't safe for work. Or life. Or anyone.


It goes without saying that these comics and their copyrights belong to the people who drew them.




"Pepperoni Autodrive"

"Pepperoni Autodrive Part 2"




"The Oven"

"The Warts"



"Man Milk"

"The Sleeper"




"Man Milk, Part 2"

"Sprites Rule, Conventional Art Drools"


"Based on True Events"