Nothing Dead Here Leaves

If you haven't read the text at the front end, read it. It's mostly redundant, but you should have read it before you came here.

This is where I'll be dumping the old, horrible garbage I've made over the years and left to rot on my hard drives in some forgotten corner. I've fought in my mind for a long time over how to do this, if I should do this, and whether or not I should edit the monstrous filth I'm posting here. It's old, it's outdated, it doesn't reflect the views of FTLFW.

What it is, however, is a window into my process. It's something quite sought after in the world of Sprite Comics, a mostly dead subgenre of a dying art movement; it's a picture of progress. I won't lie to you, this will be rough. This will be cringeworthy. But if I can illustrate to you that my terrible non-art used to be worse, well, that's enough for me.

My only caveat is that I will be changing names to protect the innocent when I see fit, and when the chance arises I will alter wording when it doesn't ruin the original vision or flow of the strip. You can find my commentary down here.

Comic transcript

SCENE: EXT WHITE VOID. A lone LATIOS from the POKEMON FRANCHISE sits idle in the abyss. This is a very harrowing narrative contrivance, so we'll refer to this Latios as Doctor Contrivance.

DR. CONTRIVANCE: Sigh Another boring day, flying away from Alpha..

(A Pokeball flies in from the right side of the screen.)


(The Pokeball motions closer. Suddenly, it consumes Doctor Contrivance.)

ALPHA: Woohoo! It IS a long distance Pokeball

DR. CONTRIVANCE: Ooh! Cozy! I think I'm gonna like this



I'd like to take some time aside to ponder the meaning of intentionally blank pages. I'm sure there's some grand purpose that they serve that goes back to the invention of the printing press, but I couldn't tell you. I've seen "note pages," which are intentionally left blank for note taking. I could also see them being intentionally left as a space for autographs during book signings.

But what's the point of saying a space is intentionally left blank? By placing that label there, the space is no longer blank. It's a page with an announcement of blankness on it. Not all books do this, so it's not some kind of universally standardized thing. What the hell?

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